Conservation Hour with Little Green Hands



Time: 3:00pm
Location: Air Force Basic School

Environmental experts from Conservation Alliance International (CA) have launched Conservation Hour as part of activities for the Little Green Hands Club in selected schools within the Greater Accra Region. The Little Green Hands Club was formed by three environmental ambassadors from Airforce Basic School and Dansoman Number ‘4’ Basic School as a result of the knowledge gained on waste management through the environmental education program by CA.

In assisting these ambassadors to become successful agents of change towards the environment, Conservation Hour was created as a way of providing school children the opportunity to engage with experts in the environmental sector to acquire in-depth knowledge on the environment. Furthermore, the training will provide children the opportunity to build their skills and shape their actions towards protecting the environment.








The maiden session of Conservation Hour took place at the Airforce Basic School with over 400 school children between the ages of 8-14 who are poised to take action towards the environment. Children were engaged on issues such as water, sanitation, hygiene, climate change and other environmental related issues in the country.

The training took the form of practical demonstration, field visits, video documentaries, posters displays among others. Additionally, experts provided the opportunity for children to ask questions that bothers on their mind in relation to the environment. At the end of the session, children were tasked to develop their own plans and actions to take towards the environment. Experts from CA will assist these children to implement their actions and teachers will serve as supervisors to monitor the progress of their work.

Conservation Hour forms part of CA’s plan to further create awareness on environmental related issues among school children within the country. CA anticipates to engage more school children within the ten regions of Ghana and is therefore calling on government as well as private organisations to support this initiative as a way of inculcating environmental values in children and youth in Ghana.




Henrietta Asiedu                                                                                                                                   Public Relations and Communications Officer