Conservation Women Association is made up of women involved in small enterprises such as traders, fishmongers, food crop sellers, bakers, farmers, dressmakers etc. Currently the number of women who have signed on to the group stands at 1,500. The maiden group is made up of women cocoa farmers (owners, shared-owners, assisting spouses) dotted around the Kakum National Park, with a current membership of about 300.

The motive behind the formation of the association to empower women involved in small scale enterprises with skills and knowledge in order to ensure improved economic returns and better livelihood. We also aim at empowering women to support effort at halting biodiversity loss through education and advocacy.

The women are given training and technical support in developmental projects. They are trained in entrepreneurial skills and financial management. It is envisioned that the women would acquire more knowledge and skills to improve upon their own individual businesses and also possess technical capacity to protect biodiversity on their farms. Currently, the association has branches in Ghana and Nigeria. A program is underway to cover the entire sub-region.

The Kakum National Park was established in 1997 to minimize the rate of decline of forest resources and also assist in creating a sustainable means of conserving biological diversity and also maximising economic gains from the forest. This initiative although laudable impeded agriculture expansion since land was scarce and farmers where not adopting best agricultural practices.

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