In 2005, a number of farmers from 11 communities ( fringing the Kakum National Park after undergoing a cocoa agroforestry training program organized by Conservation Alliance decided to come together as a group.

The aim is to adopt good agricultural practices and also incorporate agroforestry into the cocoa production landscape. After many years of transformation and with technical assistance from Conservation Alliance this group finally became a registered entity under the name Conservation Cocoa Association because they had always called the cocoa they produced as “Conservation Cocoa”.

This initiative has been propagated in other regions in Ghana where cocoa is cultivated. Currently the association has 5,200 members in 3 regions (Western, Central and Ashanti) cultivating cocoa in Ghana. The group is currently producing certified cocoa for the international market. Similar associations exit in the cocoa producing parts of West Africa. In Nigeria the group is known as Conservation Cocoa Farmers Association (COFA) with over 2,500 membership. The head office of COFA is in Akure (Ondo State).