The PAVE project is aimed at enhancing food security and improved nutritional status of farming households within the project districts. The PAVE project is being implemented in the Savelugu Nanton Municipal Assembly, Tolon-Kumbungu and the West Mamprusi districts.  The project will implement PAVE Irrigation Technology and the Barsha Pump within a total of 13 sites in the project areas. The PAVE Technology is a water conservation technology that captures flood water, filters and injects into the aquifer and unsaturated fractures. The stored water is accessed for dry season farming. The Barsha Pump is an irrigation system that pumps water from a moving stream, river or canal. The pump is powered by the kinetic energy generated by the moving water. Thus, it eliminates the need for fuel or electricity for pumping water for irrigation.

dual season

Water Catchment Area         PAVE Technology                   Barsha Pump


The 5 main work packages for the PAVE Project are;

  • Assess the level of flooding, waterlogging and drought within the project areas
  • Conduct community education and public awareness (CEPA) on proposed technologies installation
  • Implement PAVE and Barsha Pumps on selected sites within the project area.
  • Build the capacities of the smallholder farmers, local artisans and target district assemblies agricultural personnel
  • Monitor and evaluate the project.

The PAVE Project is funded by the USAID’s (Feed the Future) Agriculture Technology Transfer Project being implemented by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC). Again, the PAVE Project forms part of CA’s Northern Ghana program to promote sustainable agricultural production in Northern Ghana.



Henrietta Asiedu                                                                                                                                   Public Relations and Communications Officer